URL shorteners are everywhere these days. It almost makes you wonder how we ever dealt with URLs that were longer than a handful of characters. Somehow we managed to find a way to cope. All kidding aside, these URL shorteners are very useful today, and some social media services have pretty much made them an essential part of the communication process. All of these shorteners have different features, but have you ever wanted to know where a shortened URL took you before you clicked it? They can be very cryptic and misleading, and if the URL doesn’t provide a way to preview it, you can see what’s behind the mysterious veil with Untiny.

You just have to enter in the miniaturized URL on Untiny in order to see what the actual URL is. If you’re ever suspicious, then this is the place to go. A good number of URL shortening services are supported, and there’s even an API and several add-ons that bring the functionality of Untiny to you in a variety of other places so that you don’t have to be on the Web site. There’s no excuse to not know what you’re clicking.