Let me just state that I am happy that Mr. Job’s is back to health and has returned to work. But one of the things I do not understand is the fascination that has accompanied his liver transplant and then his return to work. What business is it of ours to know what his health situation is?

I believe I know what the real reason for the way the news media has handled the health and return to work situation. First of all it has been a slow month for news in the technology market. The recession is partly to blame as well as a lack of technology change. No matter how much emphasis we try and place on the upcoming release of Windows 7, most of us still believe it is just Vista with some improvements. We could of gotten excited about Microsoft and their newest attempt at protecting Windows, but after trying MSE it is nothing to write home about. We had Bing to keep us occupied for a few days. But ho-hum search is just so, so, well common.

One million iPhone 3GS models sold in one weekend. WOW! In 6 months there will be a newer iPhone with another announced new plan by AT&T. In a year there will be another iPhone released. This is news? I guess so since you would of thought the new iPhone was more important than the second coming. Another ho-hum, gee-whiz-bang on this one as well.

But a secret liver transplant in Tennessee is news?

What do you think? Comments welcome.