Gnomie Tim Verhoeven from the Netherlands writes:

Hi Chris,

I don’t know if you do any top 5 lists any more, but if you do, I have one for you!

Many geeks are sitting behind the desk a lot and don’t have much time to work on their bodies to stay fit. I have a top 5 list that can help you to stay in shape and look fresh.

  1. When you’re eating while you watch a movie or just browsing around the Web, you don’t pay much attention to how much you eat. If you eat healthy snacks, like fruit and nuts, you can easily stay healthy.
  2. Don’t take the elevator if you’re near stairs. This will increase your stamina, and your legs will get stronger.
  3. If you go on a short trip, use the bicycle instead of a car. You will be there in about the same amount of time, because you can take shortcuts, and don’t have to stop if there’s traffic.
  4. Do pushups and crunches every day. These will strengthen your shoulders, chest, and triceps and tighten your abdominals.
  5. Staring at a screen all day long can make your skin look pale. Open up some curtains and let the sunlight in! It will make your skin much healthier, your hair shinier, and your eyes will withstand less strain.