Get ready: Sunday June 28 on National Geographic is a program called Hitler’s Stealth Fighter.

The National Geographic News webpage ran a story (gee, do you think there’s a connection?) on this program, complete with pictures.

Northrop Grumman, in California, got a look at the only surviving Horten 2-29, aka Hitler’s Stealth Fighter.  It has been kept locked away in a warehouse near Washington, DC, for fifty years, untouched.  Northrop Grumman built a (non-working) mockup of the plane for this show.  I have to admit that the pictures are full of gee-whiz splendor.

The original, in less than stellar shape, looks like something out of Star Wars.  It was discovered to have a layer of carbon in it, which experts think couldn’t be for anything other than evading detection (stealth).

Operation Seahorse took place in the closing days of World War II.  Many high-tech pieces of equipment were crated and shipped to the US.  This was concurrent with Operation Paperclip, in which high-tech scientists (and psychopaths) were crated and shipped to the US.  This is how we got Werner Von Braun.  It is also how we got certain forms of mind control.


It’s a very interesting and brief article, which I recommend reading or watching when it comes on television.  However, something isn’t passing the Smell Test<tm> for me.  I have no trouble believing Operation Seahorse shipped top secret technology to the US.  I do have trouble, however, believing that it sat, untouched, in a warehouse for fifty years.

Unless it was judged worthless as soon as it was uncrated.

Let’s face it: our scientists and engineers had to have been all over these high tech pieces of equipment, looking for secrets, knowledge, or a small edge over the competition (at that time, Russia was snapping up the German scientists and psychopaths also).

Other pieces of equipment are alleged to have come from this operation or period in time.  There are all sorts of fantastic stories of advanced flying machines and even craft that resembled modern day ufo’s arriving from Germany.

So only now they are discovering carbon in the plane’s construction?

I’m not buying.

Watch and judge for yourself.