As an nVidia partner, with no new nVidia parts coming for a few months, MSI has decided it needs to make a new story for the masses that will be buying graphics cards in the ‘dry’ cycle.

Playing on the MIL spec classification of many other items of electronics, MSI has designed a series of video cards using upgraded hardware, which should give longer life and fewer problems during the deployment of these cards.

from Tech Connect

With no truly new cards coming anytime soon, Taiwan-based manufacturer MSI has decided on hyping up its current offer, more specifically, the models that feature the relatively fresh Military Class design. Basically, by using components like the Hi-c CAP, SSC (Solid State Choke) and Solid CAPs, MSI was able to make cards that comply with the temperature standard MIL-PRF-39003L of the US Department of Defense, and deliver improved stability over longer periods of time, even when overclocking comes into play.

As seen in the marketing-flavored (that’s not necessarily a bad thing) slides below, MSI says that the advantages of its Military Class components are significant and range from low electrical leakage for the Tantalum core Hi-c Capacitor, to the lack of high-frequency noise and higher current output for the Solid State Choke, and ultra-low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) for the Solid Capacitor. Mix everything up and you have yourself a ‘Military Class’ recipe for a quality graphics card. The MC components are currently used on a number of MSI’s AMD and Nvidia-powered cards and will most likely be found on future, 40nm GPU-equipped models.

The concept is a good one, and should give the MSI line a boost, especially for those users who have heard the buzzing of their current cards, and are annoyed by the problem.

I have had no problems with MSI video cards during my days as a user and builder, unfortunately, my experiences are significantly less pleasing with MSI motherboards, which always amazes me. MSI motherboards are always well reviewed, yet every MSI board I have ever owned has met with tragic demise, something that has happened to no other brands.

Perhaps MSI will bring out military spec mainboards – that would be worth giving the manufacturer another try.

– check the Tech Connect page for the many enthusiastically delivered graphics for the announced pieces



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