It is called gotcha. The gotcha of small print that you need a microscope to read. The small tiny print that favors the corporation and does little in protecting the consumer. So when Mythbuster host Adam Savage was surfing the Internet while on a trip to Canada for a few hours, how much could it cost? When AT&T delivered their bill for some $11,000 in charges, Adam soon learned how the company could play hard ball. They shut down his service until they get paid.

According to an article written about what has happened, it states that:

Now there will be some who say that he should have read the fine print, but considering just how often these sorts of stories pop up, at some point it’s worth noting that the fine print isn’t working. And… even if you grant the “fine print” premise, it’s hard for anyone to figure out how these international roaming rates make any sense whatsoever. They’re so far off the charts as to be unbelievable.

Anyway… next week on Mythbusters… the insanity of mobile phone bills? Can we see Jamie and Adam try to decipher hidden fees, while Grant, Tory and Kari search for the elusive accurate mobile phone coverage map? Maybe Buster can figure out what the real limits are on unlimited data plans? Hmm… maybe not.

I am sure that Adam will be able to negotiate a smaller amount from the folks at AT&T. But in the mean time, read that small print people. It could save you a bunch of hassels in the future.

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