Yes, Microsoft is trying to get the flow of upgrades going with the increased purchasing of Windows 7, but that will only last another 12 days. Then, the price will go back up, at least until around the second week of October.

Lots of people are prepared for that price increase, but are totally unaware of the increase coming in the price of DRAM.  All kinds of DRAM.

While we’ve been enjoying the benefits of a memory glut, thanks to the recession, the large PC manufacturers are ramping up the assembly lines, so that the pipes can be filled come October. You know, the holidays, and a gift giving interval. Not to mention the back to school crowd in September. All of those laptops and desktops are going to need memory, and the OEMs get theirs in bulk, early.

That means that everyone else gets to pay more, as the memory manufacturers bring up production, but only enough to meet anticipated demand. That means prices go up.

So the hot tip is to anticipate any needs until around next March (when the prices always recede) and purchase quickly…like before the 4th of July.


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