Received an email today from someone who is currently using Windows, but is looking to Linux for a possible switch of operating systems. Overall, the individual sounds like someone who could make the switch so long as they realize that this is not Windows that they are switching to. In this series, I will highlight the questions this person asked and provide my own answers as best as I can.

First question: Is it easy to set up drivers(GPU and sound) with Ubuntu?

Actually, that is the wrong question. See, any drivers needed are already provided by the kernel – period. So with the rare exception of using some odd-ball VIA video chipset, things have a way of just “working” out of the box. In a perfect world, you should not have problems here. In my own experience, the only time I have ever had problems was with VIA video chipsets and in then, only recently.

As for sound, again, you should not have any problems. And with the addition of PulseAudio, you might actually find audio in Linux to be a really powerful option.

Continued in part 2