Continuing you on from part one:

Question: What is WINE performance like?

Outside of launching IE4Linux out of need, I never use it. WINE is a great effort, it really is. But sadly, it is not as great as people like to think it is. I avoid it like the plague and instead use native programs designed to work with Linux specifically. A good place to get your bearing here can be found at this site. Just enter in the title of the program you used in Windows, this site will provide you with a Linux viable alternative.

In the rare instance where a native program is just not cutting it (iPhone updates for instance), I would use an XP install with VirtualBox.

Question: What about CD/ISO/DVD burning?

I personally use Brasero for all of these things. It supports DVD burning as well.

Question: What about Process Lasso(CPU Affinity)

Ah, by simply adding the system monitor to the taskbar (panel) with right click, add; the user can actually select individual processes and assign different priority to them.

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