We have a laptop and projector loaner pool at work.  We have spent years trying to idiot-proof these units but we always come back to Murphy’s Law: If you try to idiot-proof something, they’ll just come out with a better idiot.  Nowhere is this more true than where I work.  We are the better idiots.

We got tired of telling people how to hook up the projectors time after time after time, so we included instructions.  We had conveniently forgotten that our people don’t (and can’t) read.  Then we decided to make things easier to use (and harder to steal) by putting a pc and projector on a cart, so everything was right there.

The first unit put out on loan had all the cables pulled out of it.  We wire-tied the whole assembly.  They pulled out what they could, in spite of our instructions.  We printed instructions in really big letters.  They came and asked us questions that were answered by the really big letters.

Things have been pretty quiet, until today.  We just got a call that someone tripped over a cable and took out the whole cart.

We have done everything but crazy glue the plugs into the jacks.  Upon finding out they couldn’t destroy the individual components, they went for the entire cart, via tripping over a wire.

We realize that we can’t win by out-thinking them because they don’t think.  Now it’s a matter of out not-thinking them.

These people could trip over wireless.