Some times there is more to a story than just the article itself. It is whether the article generates any comments pro or con. So when Mary-Jo Foley over at ZD-Net reported that Microsoft has placed a limit of 25 upgrade coupons per customer, she also asked for the comments from any business owners. As of 3:15 CDT today there were no responses. I found that odd since Mary-Jo has been a respected reporter trailing Microsoft for many, many moons.

She states in her article that:

Any small business customers or consumers worried about bumping into the 25-PC ceiling for the program? Or are you covered by your volume-license agreement and not counting on coupons for your Windows 7 upgrades?

Would could conclude that no business owners with 25 or more computers have read the article. Or that businesses may ignore Windows 7 like they did Vista and stick with XP.

I believe it is going to be interesting to see exactly how larger businesses with 25 or more systems handle the upgrade to Windows 7. Can Windows XP have a few more years to live? LOL

Comments welcome.