Just as I was finally able to stop having nightmares about becoming a slave in the future to my robotic overlords, I discover that Toyota is looking to give us mental control over robots.

Wow, really? Sure this sounds like a fantastic idea for having our automated friends doing household tasks and such. But what happens should it begin to teach other lesser sophisticated robots to attack? Next thing we know, we’ll be run out of our homes by Roombas and then chased down the alley by the neighbor’s RoboMow!

Then things really get out of hand. Apparently, iRobot is not just a movie… it really exists! Great, so we can be chased down by even more otherwise docile machines once Toyota’s robot goes on the rampage!

Being totally serious here, I am sure the technology Toyota is working on is pretty cool. But I will go on record as saying this now. Such ease of control over a machine could prove dangerous. Think I am nuts? Imagine what would happen if one of the kids got a hold of one of these things and then proceeded to play some variation of the Nintendo Wii? Now imagine the robot being controlled is “LawnBot”… complete with hedge clippers instead of hands. It’s a mess waiting to happen. Surely you can see the tremendous sense of urgency for scaling back a little with mental control over machines. It’s just a bit too soon. We have not evolved enough yet to use such a thing wisely I do not think.