Twitter seems like it is getting serious when it comes to people using the word ‘tweet’ in their apps. It is taking this so seriously that it has actually applied for a trademark of the word ‘tweet’. I can understand that the folks at Twitter want to protect what is now a common term associated with Twitter itself, but does this mean the word ‘tweet’ can no longer be used? Just joking. Twitter is merely protecting itself from what others want to steal.

Just as the word ‘Google’ has become synonymous with searching the Internet, Twitter is now associated with the ‘tweet’ word. People who mention they are sending a ‘tweet’ will immediately associate the word with Twitter. Over at Softpedia they have a different take on this issue:

There is no official word from Twitter but a move like this could spell trouble for a huge number of applications, some of them the most popular third-party apps related to the service, like TweetDeck, TweetMeme or Tweetie. The reason why the word “tweet” is so popular with Twitter apps is exactly because the company forbids the use of the term “twitter.” And now it looks like it plans to do the same for “tweet.”

But while protecting the name “Twitter” and distancing your brand from unverifiable third-party apps is a smart and safe move, for the term “tweet” things are not so clear-cut. For one, the company didn’t even come up with it as it was put forward, popularized and participially standardized by the community, as is the case with many Twitter features. And secondly, it’s the third-party apps and services that made Twitter into what it is now so taking the development community head on instead of catering to it is definitely the wrong move.

Interesting point.What has made Twitter so popular? If it is 3rd party apps and services that have garnered the popularity that Twitter has, will the word ‘tweet’ hurt Twitter or help it? I agree with Softpedia and Twitter may wish to rethink its thinking.

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