There should be an image here!Honestly never thought I would see the day on a worldwide scale, but it looks as if Apple is overtaking Nokia in a fairly big way.Truth be told, Nokia is pretty far down on the food chain these days, with the iPhone, Blackberry and G1 phones out there. And this is not even including the new Palm Pre!

Clearly, we are not talking about physical phones in the hands of users here. No, this article best explains just what is going on as this is a matter of Nokia losing its market share worldwide in a big way.

Now the big question is whether or not these gains actually translate into anything worthwhile? Honestly, that is open to interpretation. But I will say this – I never see Nokia in the news anymore. Negative or positive, nothing. It’s as if they have stepped into a vacuum. So while the company may be doing fine, they had better work on generating some buzz pretty soon.