Apparently the sound beating that all the competing browsers give Internet Explorer 8 is not enough to keep them from spending still more money to bring attention to it. With the release of Firefox 3.5 yesterday, you must admit that Microsoft certainly isn’t afraid to spend, bringing ads for IE8 to market on the very same day.

I have  not seen the ads just yet – I guess I am not watching enough television or YouTube. Really though, what can the as say that we have not already heard?

Try ours. It’s the best we’ve come up with thus far! ( ⋘ entertaining)

In that, they would be correct. I’ve said before, and will reiterate, IE8 is much faster than IE7, and levels of magnitude better than Internet Exploder 6, but that is akin to saying that being served cherry cheesecake or lemon meringue pie is much better than being served gruel. Duh!

It does not mean, however, that IE8 is serious competition for the latest from Google, Mozilla, Opera Labs, or Apple.

As I’ve said before, the genius of Mr. Gates was marketing, and perhaps there is a bit of genius (or possibly, madness) to continue heavily promoting the current offering while in the backrooms of Redmond, hundreds of drones are trying to work out the difficulties, and include features that will once again capture the public’s eye and imagination.

from Maximum PC

Far be it for Microsoft to shy away from hiring known celebrities to pitch its products, as was the case with hiring Jerry Seinfeld as its OS pitchman. But now the software maker is looking to push Internet Explorer 8 in the cutthroat browser wars, and it’s getting a bit of help from TV Superman Dean Cain. Oh, and there’s puking too.

So far there are a total of four adverts, each one starring Dean Cain as the on-screen narrator. But it’s the fourth video in the series that will get all the attention for its vivid portrayal of a woman puking after viewing something apparently offensive online – or maybe she’s a Houston Rockets fan and just read up on Yao Ming’s foot.

Take a peek:

O.M.G.I.G.P. (NSFWS – Not Safe For Weak Stomachs)

Sounds entertaining,  not! Perhaps Microsoft should stick to the print media, as I have truly been left cold by their television ads.



Quote of the day:

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