You can love or hate Windows all day long — I don’t really care. But I will go on record as saying that its PR/marketing team for IE8 should be fired immediately.While some of its promotion has just been weak, confused and pointless, one of its videos is just gross.

The video below is not the one that made me want to make a dash for the trashcan. Rather, it is a stupid and predictable attempt by the Redmond giant to be “funny.” Fine. Lame, but I guess it needs to get people in the know about its latest browser. Again, I have no real “issue” with this video.

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But then Microsoft pushes the envelope from stupid on to frankly… disgusting and pointless. Needless to say, due to the nature of the video, you will have to find it at this link as I refuse to embed it here.

Let me say now that if Microsoft finds it amusing to create a video in which a husband surfs for adult content while trying to hide it from his spouse, THEN has a once famous has-been promote the browser as the solution to the wife finding it, the Redmond giant is in dire need of a division-wide re-staffing immediately. I’d start with what it laughingly call a PR/marketing team.

While the featured video might not make me ill in the literal sense, I’d hate to think young people are watching this trash and are led to believe this is funny. Even worse — using an actor once deemed Superman on TV.

Stay classy, Microsoft!