Last night, just before I started my nightly routine before bed, including the watching of Charlie Rose, I stopped by the ZDNet website to see something I thought I never would.

the bright ideas are starting to flow – this is what I’d call high bandwidth…a thought from Mr. Gates perhaps?

Ed Bott is making an announcement that there will be a Family Pack for Windows 7. (My mind reels with the idea that Vista could have been so much more successful, if someone had thought of offering this back in 2007.)

This should be welcome news for many families, and is further proof that Microsoft is deadly serious about moving people from XP and Vista to Windows 7.

The bad news is that he is very nebulous about details, but offers enough to show that what he is talking about is coming from above the waist. The availability of this will make me think twice about what I will buy, if only to satisfy the wishes of others in the house (!)

Apple, offering this sort of thing for quite some time, has led the way again, so Apple abusers should at least acknowledge the influence of the company from Cupertino on this one.

Ed states he thinks the Family Pack will probably be three licenses, instead of Apple’s five, but, before going mental about it, remember that progress is sometimes slow, but small steps start the journey.

A really good start, and this will pay off greatly in Microsoft’s future.


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