There should be an image here!Twitter spam is without a doubt, the latest in what some might refer to as forms of comment spam. Worse however, is when this spam becomes a trending topic within Twitter itself. This can be quite annoying, especially if happen to see the spam trending during some kind of crisis like an international incident or a death of someone famous. In either case, it is really low class.

This brings us to the question of finding a way to provide Twitter users with some level of follower control. Clearly, it is not too likely that we can do a lot to block out all of the spammed topics out there. But if we were able to create a blacklist of users who are abusing Twitter, this blocking might prevent individual streams from being polluted in the long term?

Granted, this is not going to immediately solve any real problems. And it is true, that the blacklisting itself would likely need to be followed up by a human in order to prevent abuse from people marking others as spam just to be mean. But nonetheless, this spam issue is fast turning into a scam issue. I say this as more and more Twitter spammers are pitching scams…and no amount of convenience is worth that hassle.