Over at Ford Motor Company they are betting the farm on a new model, actually an old one, called the Taurus. Well maybe not the farm, just a few acres of real estate. Well maybe not a few acres. Maybe just a few city blocks. In any case Ford is hoping that we consumers will be so thrilled by the new styling of the Taurus that we will all run down to our local Ford dealership starting on August 1, 2009. This is when the new, I mean old, whatever, Taurus arrives.

There is just one small problem. I would compare the new Taurus with a Honda Accord and a Toyota Camry. Both the Accord and Camry have a 4 cylinder for their base model. The base models start about $4k or more below the base price of a Taurus which doesn’t even offer a 4 banger. Ford also is going to have a SHO Taurus with a twin turbo V-6 sporting 365 horses. Price is only $37k +. Very reasonable. When gas goes back to $4 a gallon, which it will, you may wish you had a 4 banger pulling you around town.

It is going to be Chrysler that will be the leader over both GM and Ford. You ask why Chrysler? Because of Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne who is already breaking Chrysler apart. Each division will be on their own and if they fail they pack up their bags. Plus Fiat knows how to build quality small cars, with good gas mileage and that perform well. GM and Ford have no such leadership.

That’s my take. What is yours?

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