Photoshop is the premiere software when it comes to image manipulation and is renown by professionals and amateurs alike. For those who have purchased Photoshop you can testify to the fact that the software is expensive. Some have also described Photoshop as being the industry standard in which other image editing programs are compared.

But there is an alternative software product that is specifically designed for the frugal computer user. GIMP is free and is available for Windows. There is also a tutorial site that describes GIMP as:

GIMP has been famously known as the “poor man’s Photoshop,” and perhaps rightfully so. That’s a complement GIMP won’t mind taking. While it would be an unfair comparison to make between GIMP and Photoshop, GIMP can easily meet needs of most amateur image editors out there and then some. Since its release in 1995 GIMP has come a long way in to being the most powerful image editing tool freely available out there. With these tutorials we hope to vanish some of the doubts you might have had about GIMP’s ability as a powerful image editor.

If you would like to try GIMP I have provided a download link for the Windows version. I have  provided a link for a tutorial that will help you get started with GIMP.

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50 Tutorials To Get You Started With GIMP

Download GIMP for Windows