There should be an image here!To this day, most people find video editing in Linux to be a bit rough. I on the other hand, attribute this to the end user finding themselves using the wrong tools for the job. While there are a multitude of video editors available, half of them suck beyond words. The only two I rely on, are KINO and Cinelerra. I have no love for any of the other apps I have used over the years. With each release, I find myself grasping for the other two editors more and more.

Both of these editors, provide me with the level of functionality I need. From simple to advanced editing. Still, while KINO is dead easy to use, Cinelerra has a steep learning curve. Both are quite usable though.

Looks like we have yet another editor in the up and coming area. It’s called OpenShot. But unlike many of the other “simple” editors out there, this one was created with most of the functionality one would want from and editor. Effects, transitions, etc all seem to be included. Once OpenShot comes out of beta and has the bugs worked out of it, perhaps it will become a viable alternative to similar editors?