Apple has added new features to the iPhone 3GS but one part of the hardware has been over looked. It seems that consumers are complaining that the new iPhone can’t make it through the day without a fill up of electrical power. The battery in the iPhone seems to be the culprit. But can Apple fix the problem?

Well according to an article over at the L.A. Times it states that:

Buyers are finding that the device, introduced two weeks ago, has trouble making it through a workday without a rest stop at the electrical outlet. It’s proving to be something of an Achilles’ heel on Apple Inc.’s flagship device, more than 1 million of which were sold in the first weekend.

Even the company suggests on its website that users disable some of the phone’s most vaunted features, including the faster 3G network itself, to keep it from shutting down during the day.Industry officials and outside experts sketched a complex picture of the technical and bureaucratic limits that might explain why, after two years and three generations of the device, the newest iPhone has less stamina than the first.

“There’s trouble in the battery field in that there’s only so much energy you can squeeze in a certain space,” said Allen Nogee, a wireless technology analyst at research firm In-Stat. Try to pack in too much juice, he said, and the battery could overheat or even melt.

“There’s not really a solution in sight,” he said.

Repair company, which specializes in Apple products, and other online gadget surgeons dismantled the 3GS on the day it was released and found that the phone’s battery was about 15% smaller than the one in the original iPhone.

The new model is smaller and sleeker, however, and Apple may have sacrificed some battery capacity in favor of a lighter phone, analysts said. The phone’s battery performance has disappointed customers, many of whom waited in lines for hours to buy the latest device. But the battery life is only marginally better than the handset it replaced, and lags well behind the original.

Interesting. It seems that Apple made the new iPhone mean and lean but cut down on the battery capacity. Turn off the 3G network to save battery power? Seems like an odd suggestion to me.

What do you think?

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