Just a quick note so that you don’t fall victim to scalpers selling Michael Jackson memorial tickets. This is what the L.A. Times states:

This afternoon, several apparent ticket holders posted intentions to sell the tickets on EBay, but Roth warned that the security system in place will prevent anyone from doing so. In addition to the vouchers received via a special code, ticket holders will have to show a valid driver’s license, and those whose IDs do not match the registration information will be eliminated as guests.

In addition, a lockable wristband will be placed on the ticket holder on Monday and if that band is altered or damaged in any way on Tuesday morning, that person will not be allowed inside the memorial, Roth said. Every attendee is being given a second ticket and wristband for a guest. Some attendees will watch the service at a nearby simulcast at Nokia Theatre, but the venues will be randomly selected when they arrive Tuesday.

“It  is true that anyone who has a wristband and receives tickets can invite anyone they want with the second ticket,” Roth said. “So we are hopeful that they have these vouchers because they are a fan and it’s meaningful to them and they would also invite someone who it would also be very meaningful to them.”

Buyer beware!