Wendy Richard, star of “Are You Being Served?” and “EastEnders”, passed away earlier this year of cancer.  A plaque was just unveiled.

The PYTHONS, minus John Cleese, will play the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the tv show’s 40th anniversary.  A six-episode documentary (with John Cleese) will air on US TV in October before being released on DVD.

Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise, is recovering from a “mild bout” of swine flu, his publicist says.

Furthermore, his girlfriend is “slightly pregnant” and Michael Jackson is “very dead”.

“He didn’t die of natural causes, and he didn’t die of suicidal causes. That leaves some kind of accidental death.”  — Forensic pathologist Dr Michael Baden

Yes, he accidentally asphyxiated himself.  I am now apparently qualified to be a pathologist (except for that blood revulsion thing)….