There should be an image here!NVIDIA has made their choice, they decided that Windows CE is where they want their names attached for the Tegra netbooks. My take? Who cares. It seems silly to continue on with those pointless “boycott NVIDIA” rants that we see everywhere when the fact of the matter is, going with ATI is not really “better”. No, I say good for them. If they feel that Windows CE (not Win Mobile) is where they want to be, whoopie for them.

Frankly with as much trouble as NVIDIA has with drivers on any platform, I doubt it will matter much anyway. I have not been able to remember a single new Windows release in which NVIDIA wasn’t dead last in getting it right. Actually, the truth is that NVIDIA has seen better support on Linux in not screwing up than it has on Windows, but this is just my own experiences with countless cards and PCs.

NVIDIA knows full well that Windows CE is a “safe” bet for them. Because Windows is expected to be a market leader with netbooks, NVIDIA is following the money and leaving common sense at the back of the bus as per usual. So good luck to the video card maker, supporting a Windows styling that has been plagued with issues over the years. From what I understand, this release of Windows CE is “different”. Well again, good luck with that.