There should be an image here!Protecting your data is something that should be considered important. Thankfully, when it comes to securing said data, there are options such as Truecrypt.

But for those who prefer not to use Truecrypt, there is an alternative. ScramDisk works a lot like Truecrypt, but does not have the concerns over whether or not there is too much secrecy surrounding its development. Despite me having no issue with it myself, I have read on occasion that there are those who simply have “issues” with Truecrypt and are in the market for an alternative.

At this point, using ScramDisk should be done with the understanding that the software is just now entering production status. So while it is not to be considered beta, it is still fairly new software and should be treated as such in my opinion. Still, it is worth trying out if you are simply not interested in using Truecrypt.