For a long time, finding fresh content on the Internet usually involved searching for it or going to a site to see what the latest information was. We still do that today, but more so than ever before, a shift in the direction of using subscriptions has taken place, which means that the latest content that we care about is delivered to us. RSS, Twitter, and a variety of other services have helped to make this type of thing possible. The trouble with subscribing to content in general is that we may get what we want, but usually that relevant content is accompanied by a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter to us. Trackle finds exactly what you want and delivers it to you however you want it to be delivered.

The service offers specific tracklets that you customize for the information that you want. A variety of categories are available for you to browse through, and Trackle uses information from a variety of familiar services to deliver the best content possible. Once you’ve found some tracklets that you like, specify what you want them to keep an eye on (local events, price drops, etc.) and start getting the alerts on the Web, through e-mail, or by SMS when appropriate information is available.