I’m usually an early adopter on most things social. I was one of the first million users of Twitter, an early user of FriendFeed, and a beta tester of Ping.FM. I have always had an enjoyment for the togetherness of the masses that the Web has brought us in the last few years.

When it comes to music based, social networks, I have used Slacker, iMeem, and Last.FM (which was probably my favorite). A number of the people I follow on Twitter were posting some of the things they were listening to, from Blip.FM, in their Twitter stream, and I had to check it out.

Now, this is my first day using it, but I love it. It isn’t really set up like a radio station (like Last.FM). It’s more user-centric. It is laid out like a Twitter stream, with the artist and song info in the stream, and buttons to re-blip, give “props'” and add the selected song to your own playlist. It’s essentially like re-tweeting, @-ing someone, and adding favorites. Have I said how much I really like this?

You can find more at Blip.FM and follow my stream here.