I have been saying this for over fifteen years: aspartame is making people sick (and fat, according to the article).  But don’t go running for Splenda or Stevia until you read about them.

The senate is working on a bill that would fine people for not purchasing `affordable healthcare coverage.’

Let me see if I can translate this:  The senate (now the enforcement arm of private insurance companies) is working on a bill that would fine people (you know, citizens, for whom the government is supposed to be working) for not purchasing affordable healthcare coverage (what IS affordable?  Who is making this decision?). Well, why not?  They’re already the enforcers for auto insurers.  Maybe next they’ll fine us for not getting proper dental care.

By the way, some estimate that over fifty percent of Philadelphia drivers are uninsured.  See how well it works?

Just in case you’re not up to speed on the ways in which you can be spied upon, here’s a refresher.

New York judge Richard Posner says we should ban links to save newspapers.

I wonder if he has any financial interest in rainforest logging…

The Powers-That-Be Don’t Have Enough Money to Keep the Matrix Running