My lovely wife, Tara, has a Toshiba laptop that she has owned for the past year. Being about a year old, it’s a Vista Home Premium roll-out machine. She enjoys the benefits of the 64-bit Vista Home Premium install, the dual-core AMD Turion X2, ATI Radeon integrated graphics, etc.

She is also one of the few who enjoys using Vista. She likes the interface, the add-ons, and the ways that things are placed. It just seems to make sense. She isn’t one of the crazy, anti-progress hermits who insist on running Windows XP Professional 32-bit on a Quad-Core processor with 2 gigabytes of RAM (because that’s all it can utilize).

I digress.

Her only complaint has been her boot times (which are atrocious). I had been threatening her with Windows 7 since the Public Beta was released. She has been listening to different podcasts with me, and has been a little more receptive of my badgering… (continued)