When Google announced that it would be introducing its Chrome Operating System next year, it was only a matter of time before questions arose. The Google Chrome Blog team immediately set out to answer some of the most popular questions.

Here are the FAQs as answered by the Google Chrome Team:

Is Google Chrome OS free?
Yes – Google Chrome OS is an open source project and will be available to use at no cost.
What companies is Google working with to support Google Chrome OS?

The Google Chrome OS team is currently working with a number of technology companies to design and build devices that deliver an extraordinary end user experience. Among others, these companies include: Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments.

I’m a developer – how can I work with you?

Thanks for your interest. Later this year, the Google Chrome OS code will be open source. We’re looking forward to working with the open source community and making our own small contributions to the great work being done out there. Please stay tuned.
Also on its website are links for those who are interested in joining Google as a software engineer.
But while  visiting the Google Chrome Blog brought up another thought. I find it interesting that Google chose the same name for its browser as it did for its upcoming operating system. Could this mean that its browser will actually be the operating system?

What do you think?

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