As many of you have likely heard by now, there has been strong speculation of a DoS attack over the fourth of July from “hackers” said to be sympathetic to North Korea. Clearly, with South Korea having broadband speeds that easily triple what most people in the States have, I can only wonder how long North Korea has been war-driving its southern neighbors and using their Wi-Fi. I mean come on, it is really unlikely that North Korea has much in the way of broadband penetration, much less Internet access amongst most of the population.

So why is this such a big deal anyway? Read the bottom of this article and the answer might surprise you.

Experts say North Korea could use cyber attacks as a tool to paralyse the South’s telecoms system before military strikes.

Yes, an online attack designed to allegedly cripple the South’s communication structure. But I would also be inclined to believe that this had to be perpetrated by PCs from other areas than the North, myself.

Have strong opinions on this? Care to let North Korea know where you stand? Not a problem, thanks to its Twitter account. Yes, based on the best of my knowledge, that is REALLY its Twitter account as I know for a fact that the Web site link given in the profile is assigned to its outreach news agency.

Where does this leave us? While North Korea seems to have a handle on using Twitter with the latest tools, it is painfully clear that it is apparently in dire need of a news Web site that was not written in 1998. Clearly, Web 2.0 has yet to arrive in its neck of the woods. I mean come on, the English version of the Web site is hosted in Japan. Why not also hire some local talent to give that horrid Web site some badly needed CPR?