Best Buy and TiVo have formed a partnership to promote each other in a way that could benefit both companies. On the one hand, Best Buy will expose consumers to the benefits of TiVo compared to DVR services that satellite companies provide. Best Buy will benefit in that they will be able to advertise their products on TiVo. TiVo has had trouble getting consumers to know exactly the benefits that their products have to offer. Best Buy is in a struggle competing against Amazon and now Wal-Mart.

In an article from Silicon Alley Insider they state that:

This deal plugs gaps in both businesses. Best Buy will get visibility outside its stores. TiVo can take advantage of Best Buy’s customer interaction to position itself as more than just a recording device.

TiVo has been struggling to educate customers that they can also use the device to download and stream movies from Amazon and Netflix, watch vidoes on YouTube and buy movie tickets on Fandango.

I went out to the TiVo site to see if I could use their system with DishNetwork. Unfortunately I can’t. But the web site did state that TiVo was in the process of developing their services for Direct TV.

Does anyone reading this use TiVo? What is your opinion of the service?

Comments welcome.