On the surface, this might sound like a really odd question. After all, who in their right mind needs a cheat sheet for something as simple as using a search engine? Yet once you realize just how much stuff you can actually do with Google, suddenly the need for a full cheat sheet does not sound so preposterous after all.

Take the series of available cheat sheets available from this article. As you can plainly see, Google can work with everything from mathematical calculations down to the simple product search with the right price in mind.

Perhaps the most useful guide of all is the cheat sheet designed to make Google act as your own personal calculator. Due to the fact that words can be used in place of = or / or – and so on, there is a real need for a comprehensive guide to ensure you are off to the right start. So go ahead, check out the guides from the link above. See anything new that you did not already know? Perhaps you have a guide of your own you’d like to share? Hit the comments, let us know what your favorite Google tricks happen to be.