It is impossible to live and not experience stress. This stress can be caused by your work, by family pressures, or by a lack of balance of life and work. Stress can have different effects on people which can impact on their health, their productivity at work and their relationships. Stress can actually make you sick as your body begins to react to the high level or long-term consistent stress. Each person will react differently to stress but it can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and other illnesses.

At work, stress can cause problems with concentration, memory, and productivity by an inability to begin or complete tasks. Stress often causes depression in people who experience it for long periods or experience high levels of stress. This depression can begin to cause not only problems in the effectiveness at work but also in personal relationships.

People who feel stress are difficult to get along with. They can be difficult to work with and to live with. It is important that people take steps to reduce the stress in their lives. Managing stress is important to maintain good health, a successful professional career, and healthy personal relationships.