This morning there was a post over at Techmeme which was from a Worldpress site known as chromeosleak. The writer of the posting indicated the need to be secretive since he/she felt their career could be at risk if they were discovered as providing a preview of the Google Chrome operating system. Others in the tech industry have jumped on the band wagon and are also posting what this person is saying.

But as with most secretive postings it makes one wonder if this is fact or purely fiction? Here is some what has been posted thus far:

I was invited by Acer to come and view the demo.

I can say and give only what I  know and have.

The OS installation was performed on a Acer Extensa 4620Z laptop to show it can install quickly on laptops from late 2007 to early 2008. The install from Vista to Google Chrome OS Dev Beta was only 10 minutes and was very elegant. Only one restart required.

A wizard asks you for basic info on the first boot up. Google was still in progress of developing the wizard so we just skipped most of this. Google at the moment installed only the Google Talk application. They did this because the Rep said “At the current time, Google has not completed compatibility tests with some laptops and netbooks.”.

This beta was extremely stripped down. However, it was amazingly fast. They did one reboot and it rebooted from Desktop to Desktop in about 25ish seconds.

In addition the poster states:

The Chrome Bar also auto hides. It can be brought back up by the Windows key and Space (The Rep Mentioned in Google Chrome OS laptops this key will actually be a fully colored and 3D Chrome Logo in some Netbooks)

The rep also mentioned some of the Linux aspects including the option to have a status bar on the Chrome Bar for Devs.

In addition a search bar can be implemented on the Chrome Bar. Programs appear in a Windows 7 Esque icon fashion.

That is all the time I had with the demo and Rep. Soon after some other Acer employees, affiliates, and the Google Rep went to show some of the capabilities of the OS on a projector for a more elaborate showing of the features to a larger audience.

However, I was the last to leave the room and the Google Rep seemed to forget his privacy. I happened to have my Mini-Cam with me and took these medium quality shots. I am sorry I couldn’t get better. They were all taken in less than 10 seconds. Adrenaline was rushing like crazy.

I hope you enjoy these.

I am putting my career and notability on the line in this!

Hmmm. Interesting if true. But that is for you to decide.  There were also some blurry screen shots posted as well like this one:

Comments as always are welcome.

Source for Chrome OS Is Here.