Something people have been asking me lately is whether or not options such as Splashtop Linux are about to become obsolete? Using this article as a guide, you can see the argument for those individuals who feel that if Google’s Chrome OS is able to deliver an “instant on” browsing experience, other instant on Linux options will just go away.

I am of the belief that Google could win on brand recognition. However, I do not see it offering Skype functionality, among other applications available in the instant on camp. Still, there is really little question that Google’s Chrome OS could potentially spell eventual trouble for existing solutions today. But there is one problem.

Vaporware. Thus far, Google’s Chrome OS is essentially non-existent. So in order for Splashtop — among other instant on Linux vendors — to show concern, there needs to be a product on the market. Thus far, I just have not seen this happen. So at this time, I simply do not see a threat.