I have mentioned previously about using online security scanners to check your system periodically. I do this for several reasons. First of all I do not believe that any one product can provide 100% perfect protection all of the time. Second, using more than one program gives me a feeling that my system really, really is clean.

So last evening I decided to use the free scanner at Norton to check my system. I haven’t used the Norton product for well over six months opting instead to use other online scanners. When I went to the Norton free scanner site, I noticed they now have two options. You can still scan your computer on the web or you can also download the scanner to your system.

I tried the download version. The Norton software needed to update its virus definitions after which I ran the quick scan option. My system was clean so I took no further action. Basically what the Norton scanner does is to find bugs, but won’t fix or remove them. I use online scanners once a month or so just to confirm that my AVG software is not missing anything.

You may wish to give Norton’s online scanner a try.

What do you do yo keep your system protected?

Comments welcome.