The majority of my work is done digitally and I hardly ever have to print anything. In fact, I wish I didn’t need a printer, but sure enough, I end up having to print something just often enough that it wouldn’t make any sense for me to get rid of my printer. I only print things a handful of times per month, so I’m not a big printer, but some people I know go through paper like you wouldn’t believe. They print anything and everything, and besides wasting ink, this approach also wastes paper. Maybe you do legitimately have to print a lot of stuff, but there are probably elements of the things you’re printing that don’t need to be there. A service called PrintFriendly helps you to get the most out of your resources.

The idea is that the site can optimize any Web site to become much more appropriate to print. Their representation of a page will likely be different than what you see when you normally visit the site. You can remove images, delete unwanted sections, and print your customized version of the content. This formatting can also be sent to a PDF file, and a bookmarklet exists to make the functionality easily accessible. Content providers can even get a PrintFriendly button for their sites. The service didn’t seem to work correctly in every situation, but I like the goal behind what it’s trying to do.