Sidhe, New Zealand’s largest game production studio, today announced that its original title, Shatter, will debut on PlayStation Network in two weeks time. The retro-inspired brick-breaking game, merging familiar action with a modern-crafted production approach, has been gaining buzz and support from the gaming media since its debut at E3 09 in the Into The Pixel Gallery. Nominated as one of the Most Innovative Games of E3 by, Shatter will be available for $7.99 beginning July 23rd.

“We’ve had an incredibly warm reception from everyone who has played the game so far, and we’re looking forward to the PlayStation audience getting a chance to play Shatter,” said Mario Wynands, Managing Director of Sidhe. “We think the audience will find Shatter to be a fun title with a deep, inspired soundtrack that makes you want to keep playing long after you should be in bed.”

Shatter will remind players of classic brick-breaking games, but with twists that make it modern and unique including:

  • Innovative controls, physics effects, power-ups, special attacks, and boss battles which combine to provide an experience that is always interactive
  • Standard, Boss Rush and Bonus game modes enhanced with leaderboards and trophies
  • Vibrant 3D style presented across 10 distinct worlds in 4xAA 60fps HD
  • A fully scored soundtrack featuring more than 90 minutes of rich original music

Shatter continues Sidhe’s moves to self publish a range of original, high-quality titles for the console download market. For more information on Shatter, visit the official Web site.