Well, you can either continue to balk at the announced prices for the Windows 7 upgrade now, or wait until the family pack pricing becomes available, and get 3 copies for approximately the same price as is available now. This is for the Home Premium version, which is, apparently all most people need. I would like to see the same 3 pack structure (an advanced family pack, for the advanced family!) for the Pro versions, but I doubt that it will happen.


above from post by Ed Bott on ZDNet

The thing is, some people will always complain. Not only is it human nature, it is almost taken to an art form by some. But, if you look back, Windows has never been so cheap before. At $49, we’re back to the prices we used to pay for DOS versions (not to mention that the dollar is worth considerably less than when we were buying DOS).

I don’t like Windows 7, and so I’ll not be too anxious to upgrade, but I’ll get at least one of those family packs, for my family. Could Microsoft make the package better by going cheaper, like Apple did with the latest revision of OS X? Sure, but all the carping in the world won’t effect change. No, this is probably the best we are ever going to see, so jumping on it, either in the next couple of days, or when the family packs come would be the ticket. By the way, the statement I made about a return to the same pricing around October 22 will probably not happen now, being fully nullified by the per unit cost of the family pack. You compromise by buying for 3 computers, and Microsoft compromises by allowing you the “one-time-only-get-it-while-it’s-hot” pricing of the last 12 days. I doubt that there will be strict checking on Windows family pack geography, so, if you only have 2 computers, and a relative in the next town has one, you pay our share and he pays his, and no one worries, because the total copies used equals total copies paid for.

I am very good at criticizing Microsoft for shortcomings, but this is not one of the times to do so. No, this is a good deal, no doubt about it. The only ones truly able to gripe with good reason are those who bought Vista retail. Those people should get a free upgrade to Windows 7. And the ones who bought Ultimate? They should get a free copy, and a refund of $50 to help defray the cost of seeing a psychiatrist to get their heads examined, for buying a new product with grandiose claims, from a company with such a terrible record of 1.0 revisions.


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