Bill Gates has done a lot of good over the years. Certainly his foundation is a fine example of this. So despite my misgivings with some of the things that Microsoft has done over the years, I was not really surprised to hear that Bill Gates is looking tackle hurricanes.

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According to this article, it seems that some recent patent filings have lead people to believe that Gates is looking to control the weather. Yes, I am completely serious. He among others, are looking into ways of hurricane-suppression techniques. And based on his track record in life thus far, I am not willing to say that it could not be done. He has the money and the will…

At this point, the entire idea is merely just that – an idea on paper. There has not been any signs of life or evidence that this will even come to fruition. All of this said however, I think that the idea of some kind of hurricane reduction would be of benefits to thousands. Hopefully something like this will be implemented. Or would this be a bit too “Mr. Burns” controlling the weather?