Google Blogging For Dummies, written by Susan Gunelius, is described by reviewers as a beginning guide for newbies who want to blog. But is it enough to get a person who hasn’t blogged before started in the right direction?

Here is why I am asking. My wife received an email from a nephew who inquired about starting their own blog. They had no specifics on what they wanted to do or how they wanted to go about doing it. They wanted to know if there was a book or something that would help them to get started. So my wife turned to me for answers.

Hmmm….. I didn’t have a clue. So armed only with limited information I ventured out on the Internet and found the Google Blogging For Dummies book, which had fairly good reviews over at Amazon. But before I recommend this book, I wanted to ask if anyone has read this book?

Do you have any other books you would recommend?

Comments welcome.

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