It is important to recognize that stress is part of your life and that it is important that you learn to manage your stress. One of the best ways to do this is to maintain a balance in your life that works for you. Some people are able to deal with much higher levels of stress than others because they have taken steps to manage their stress.

One of the most important steps in managing your stress is recognizing that maintaining good health with a balanced diet, good exercise program and adequate amount of sleep is critical. Not only will you be able to maintain greater energy at work and at home but you will also be able to approach stressful situations with a better frame of mind. You must also be able to recognize when the situation is getting too stressful for you and then take actions to deal or manage the stress.

If you recognize that the stress will be short-lived, you may choose to increase your exercise regime, increase your relaxation time or work hard to get the tasks done quickly. However, you may decide that the stress will be longer-term and you may have to decide how to manage it.

Some ideas may include planning your daily schedule differently so that you break up the day with your exercise routine, you may be more careful with your diet and plan some breaks. You may also decide that this level of stress is not worth it and begin looking for another job.