There should be an image here!It really should not come as such a shock that local businesses are looking more than ever at the social media world for new ideas for advertising. With newspapers being a joke, TV being filled with infomercials, clearly heading into the social web is the last great frontier for local businesses still trying to carve out a niche for themselves.

And what really drives this home more than anything, is the hard numbers that go along with it. Would you believe 20% of social media advertising these days is done by local businesses? Clearly, there is something engaging here for local advertisers.

Even with the above success however, this is still very much a drop in the bucket. After all, as this article points out in no uncertain terms, it is still only a weak 3% of the total online ad spend. So really, while it is impressive in comparison to only a couple of years ago, the social media arena is most definitely not crowded with local companies looking to spend their ad dollars.