Google has added a new feature to Google Maps, in which the user can click on an added icon which will take them to an approximate location that they are at. I tried the new feature and it was right on the money, showing me a picture of the front of my house.

According to the Google blog they also state:

When you visit Google Maps with a supported web browser, you’ll see a new My Location button in the top left corner of the map. Simply click the button to center the map to your approximate location. If your location can be determined accurately enough, it’s shown with a blue circle, just like on Google Maps for Mobile. Click the button again to remove the blue circle, or to re-center the map after you’ve moved it away.

My Location is a great way to start exploring the map around you, and perfect for working out where you are when you’re away from home. For example, if you’ve just arrived in an unfamiliar city, My Location is a handy way to view the map around you, even if you don’t know the street address. You can find things to do nearby or work out the best way to get where you need to go. Even when you’re somewhere familiar, My Location is a convenient way to open the map ‘on the right page’.
This is what I found interesting. Notice this statement:
When you visit Google Maps with a supported web browser
According to the Google site only Google’s Chrome 2.0 and Mozilla’s Firefox 3,5 are supported or a browser using Gears. They state the following:

Google Chrome 2.0+ (using Gears), Mozilla FireFox 3.5+ or any browser with the latest version of Gears installed.

I tried Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 using Gears and it worked as well.

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