I read an interesting article which covered what Steve Ballmer had said about Google and their new Chrome operating system. The interview took place at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans and the following sentence caught my eye:

As for Microsoft’s own plans, Ballmer said the company did not see a need for a web-only operating system, noting that 50 percent of the time that people spend

on their PCs is not spent in the browser.

Which made me wonder just how true that statement is. I spend about 90% or more of my time on the Internet when using a computer. I’m either searching for blog articles, receiving email alerts, answering emails or sending out new emails.

My situation seems to be unique. But I also know others who spend a lot of time on the Internet playing online gaming. I’m sure folks also spent a good portion of their time using Twitter, Facebook or other social networking sites.

But what about you? What portion of your computer usage is spent on the Internet?

Comments as always are welcome.