Despite being dead set against the idea, screwing something up today basically thrust me into a position for opting to test out the latest OS release for the older iPhone 3G (not the 3G S). Using my Ubuntu notebook running XP in a VirtualBox installation in the background, I connected the iPhone with iTunes opened. First making sure to back up everything as I had a feeling things might not go very smoothly, I found that I did indeed run into the ever-common Error 1602.

After doing a bit of thinking, I was thanking my lucky stars that I was using a VirtualMachine as I was able to see that the iPhone was not mounting right during part of the update. Turns out other Windows users had similar issues on natively running Windows boxes, but the VirtualMachine was showing me the phone being dismounted. Tried again and, this time, found that mounting the phone through the GUI every so often did the trick. It had something to do with the version of iTunes I was using and how it was installed… nothing to do with the VirtualMachine.

So what is the update like? Honestly, it’s mildly better in a number of areas. While applications seem to run a little faster, other aspects of the phone seem to slow down just a tad. Out of all of the features that are apparently provided, spell check/suggestions remains useless while the copy/paste feature is fantastic.

Adding Spotlight to the 3G is pretty cool, although it is not nearly as useful as the landscape view for typing out email and SMS messages. Oh, and the search box for email is pretty sweet, too. And finally, the last thing that struck me is that the keyboard “feels” a bit more responsive/accurate. Even with my clumsy fingers flying all over the place, I am finding myself making fewer mistakes than with the previous OS. It’s certainly possible that this is just all in my head, but I don’t think so. It honestly feels more responsive.

So what do you think? What about the update to the iPhone 3G has you going nuts? Something you love or something you despise? Whatever it may be, we want to hear about it.