Recently I had an email come to my inbox in which I was asked whether or not Skype was secure enough to discuss matters of a personal nature. My response, however, is this: We first have to examine what a user decides is considered secure.

Eavesdropping is not all that preventable if you are unsure as to physical security of the PC that is running Skype. But assuming the concern is the point to point aspect of the call, yes, Skype is actually more secure than you might think. Using high encryption, the data of the “call” from point to point is quite safe from being intercepted. The only real security risk is something attached or installed on one of the local PCs recording the audio going back and forth. Outside of this, I see very little involved risk.

Care to learn more about Skype security and how it affects you as a user? You will find a complete run down from this link. Remember that no means of communication is ever 100% secure. Anything making this claim is making false claims. However as far as VoIP goes, Skype is very secure and is usable for secure business and personal communication exchanges.