Is it just me or has the past 6 weeks or so been a whirlwind of announcements? We started with Microsoft and their $100 million dollar Bing assault on Google search. Google counters with the announcement of their Google Chrome operating system, which some feel is an assault on Windows. Microsoft comes back with placing their Office in the clouds which appears to be attacking Google app’s.

At first I was wrapped up like everyone else in the excitement. Let’s face it. Words like attack and war get’s one blood boiling. But after reading all of the hype one thing is becoming crystal clear. We consumers are going to benefit by all of these changes coming our way. No matter who you like or dislike, in the end we will benefit by having better products hopefully at a fair price. Personally I like free but others feel that free are inferior products.

If it were not for AMD, I believe that we would be paying a high premium for our CPU chips. AMD has kept Intel fairly honest. Competition in my opinion will do the same forĀ  both Microsoft and Google. Neither is going to put the other out of business. But they will keep each other honest which should result in better software for us.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.